Do you want to get more intentional

with your spending?

Recent surveys show that nearly 85% of Americans plan on spending $831, on average, on holiday gifts this year. 😲 

No judgment here!  Let’s just make sure you’re being even more conscious of what you’re spending it all on.   

Whether you're a Black Friday fanatic or avoiding it like the plague, join me for the…

Holiday Edition

... as you immerse yourself in the abundant energy of the season. During this free LIVE workshop, you'll learn the 6 essential steps to financial freedom… without feeling restricted or guilty throughout the holiday shopping season.  

Mon. November 20, 2023 // 3 PM PST

Registration ends in...


Reserve your seat, and join me LIVE to receive a special one-time bonus and kick start your holiday season on a high note.  

No limits… just liberation… to enjoy yourself, purposefully!

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